What would it be like to live with less stress and move more freely?

The Alexander Technique teaches you how to notice old habitual patterns of tension in your body which lead to stiff neck, back, shoulders and hips causing you to be more tired and less mobile. the technique offers an effective means  whereby to regain your natural coordination and ease of motion. 

The Alexander Technique helps you to go back to a time when you were much younger and freer in your body. It is not a passive treatment but rather a movement based active exploration that changes the way that one thinks and responds in the body. You can actually change the neuron pathways in your brain to effect change. You do this through breathing, sitting, standing, playing and becoming aware of what your habits of tension are in these activities.  Basically you learn a way to stop old out of date reactions and learn to move with a conscious smooth upward movement that works to balance the head neck and spine.

 In my practice I focus on:
Graceful Aging
I feel less tension and more in control in my body. This allows me to move with more freedom and ease, and participate in my athletic endeavors more fully.
                                                              Tim Driscoll – Business Consultant

Drug Free Pain Management
I had no idea that it wasn’t the sitting, but the how I was sitting, standing and walking that was the problem.                               Joseph Moetz – Engineer
Improved Posture
I not only feel better but I have more energy, and it’s improved how I present myself.  Sara is a great teacher.                               Maura Torkilson – Coach
Stress Relief
I have released years of patterns of tension and stress, I can finally Breath freely!  Thank you Sara!                Lindsay Wood – Dancer, Sales Manager